There is something so exciting about creating an art doll and watching it come to life!

10 years ago I made a little doll out of cloth and clay and fell in love with the process. Since then I have made many, many more and have taught hundreds of people how to make them as well.

The original process remains basically the same, but through trial and error I have refined my technique over the years. This demonstration came naturally and It's been a joy to record the process once more.


I would consider this tutorial a beginner - intermediate level project. You will need to know how to use a sewing machine and/or be able to sew basic stitches with a needle and thread. Other than that, I baby-step you through the entire process to ensure success. 

The demonstration moves slowly enough that you can work right along-side of me pausing the video when needed. 


Video demonstration runs about 3 hours long

(broken into easy-to-view segments) and includes how to: 

  • Sketch a pattern  (I also give you a printable pattern to use)
  • Sew, stuff, and assemble the figure
  • Sculp the face
  • Paint the doll
  • Sew a skirt
  • And finally, how to give your doll a nice antiqued look! (optional)


You will also receive:

  • Work in progress photos to review and
  • A supplies list with online shopping links


This is a go-at-your-own-pace class. You can view the lesson anytime 24/7.

Upon purchase, you will have immediate and unlimited access to all class materials.







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