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This is today's layer on my painting. I have put in the timepiece elements, lightened the angel's gown and put clock face markings on the halo. The halo has a lot of work to go. The gown will get a couple layers of deeper tone before shadings are put on. I have not done any further facial paint or shading yet.
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  • Beautiful!!

    • Awwh, thank you, Jane. I am really struggling with color balance on this one. I have worked again on the gown layer today and deepened it a tad to strengthen the contrast. Looks better I think. Will post when it is finished. Thank you for your wonderful classes...I have learned so much through them. Love this site. I am excited about what you have in the works...especially clay and cloth doll class!!! And how to build floating frames!
      Carpe Diem...
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