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WHO: All are welcome to participate.

WHAT: Simply use the idea as a springboard! All mediums are acceptable.

WHERE: Share your work in the Photos section. Tag your photos with the corresponding month. (For example: If you participate by responding to the "Things With Wings" prompt in February, tag your photo FEBRUARY)

WHEN: Jump in any time! Even if the prompt was posted in the past.

WHY: Because it's fun, it challenges you, it gets you involved, and inspires others as well! 

HOW: This part is totally up to you. As previously stated: All mediums are welcome. Use what you have and fear not. 



How To Tag A Photo

When you upload a photo, you will see content areas to insert a title and write a brief description...and then, right below all that...there's a spot that says Tags. That's where you put the name of the month or whatever you want to tag the image (remember to hit Enter after you spell it out).

When something is tagged, people can click on the word and find all the other photos tagged the same. It's a way to categorize things.