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Artist? do you get there???

Gotta say, for years I quietly longed to paint like "an artist". Whatever that means, right? For me, it meant picking up a brush, going to the canvas and painting a portrait that when finished was something I could frame and proudly hang on a wall. And for years it didn't happen. I am not formally trained so I convinced myself it was because I had no training. I didn't know what I needed to know about drawing the human face or anatomy of the head and torso so I was convinced that was my problem. I didn't study the color wheel and the lack of color harmony and unity in my work was sadly apparent, so I blamed poor results on that. I didn't work in an artist journal. Yep, it was probably that. And the list goes on. Yet, I took workshops and read a jillion pages about art and watched Youtube art videos till my eyes hurt. Along the way, without my paying serious attention, I acquired enough learning to complete a workshop by replicating the image that was presented in the class, but I yearned to be able to do my own thing from scratch. My attempts were first. Then I went to a summer class in the region where I live and the artist/teacher said, "if you can't draw, you won't ever be able to paint"; "a great painting is the result of a great drawing". I worked on my drawings and how I translated them to canvas. For me, the difference was remarkable. The freedom it gave me at the easel transformed my work. People began to invite me to local art shows and my work sold! I always hesitate to call myself an artist but when others refer to me like that I am gratified. Somehow, I arrived at the place I longed to discover. Since then I have applied that same yearning to other aspects of the artistic process...underpainting and color harmony. (This sounds like an art course suddenly...but no, it isn't. It's creative practice.) I also dabble in different mediums to explore how the same drawing works's so revealing.  Bottom line...the road to being an artist, for me...began with drawing. It took time, it took a commitment, but the results are worth it. Here's wishing that your art journey is a rich personal adventure to discovering that being an artist isn't only in your soul. It's in your hands.

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