What kind of things do you like to make?


What are some of your favorite art supplies?

all mixed media supplies and paints

If you were an animal, what would it be?

cairn terrier or a giant panda

Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

how sad I can't think of any lol ok here's a couple back when I made art quilts the first show I ever had anywhere was in Santa Fe and was sold out-very exciting. And one day my husband and I were sitting on the front porch wondering if this is what the rest of our life would be like and so we decided to put our house on the market and if it sold, we would move to a place we had never seen upon the recommendation of a friend (a last big adventure--we lived there 5 years and then moved once more)--no more moves!!

Please finish this statement: I consider myself an


What brought you to this site?


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  • Hi Janet! Just added you to the new class. Thank you~

  • Thank you very much for purchasing Cupboard Angels. There are a ton of videos to get you started right now. Just make your way to the group and click on the Class Page. Thank you for your patience while I wrap this up and finish making the videos and such. Message me if you have any questions. :) Jane

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