• Beautiful work
  • WOW! thanks Elaine!!
  • What a cool process and lovely finish! I would love to learn to paint but am too chicken. I think I am horribly stuck creative wise and need a resounding kick in the arse to get going. Hopefully 2017 will be better than 2016 because I did absolutely nothing. Must be my meds.

  • You've done a beautiful job with her. And I've always loved the way you paint hair (something I'm never at ease with).

  • Lovely!
  • So lovely how it comes together....the beginning looks almost like a paint by number (only without the numbers,) very nice
    • Thanks, Elaine. I'm happy you like her !

  • I have been wondering how you go about making your portraits. Thanks for so generously sharing the process. It is so cool. So much more calculated than the way I work. I especially like the depth that your eyes have. 

    • This portrait went together smooth as silk, which doesn't happen very often. For this portrait my calculations worked because I was going after a good likeness with my photo reference. Many more portraits turn out as a big surprise, nothing like what I had originally conceived; calculations are abandoned and I'm winging it ! Every time a painting gets out of my control I talk myself off the ledge with a type of mantra : " You can do this. You've pulled out of nose dives before, you can do it again. ''My goal is to paint with more abandon, less need for precision and less fear of failure.

      • Wow it's really interesting to see the stages and how you shade your faces.  Thanks for sharing.

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