Help with Art Supply Guilt..!

Hi everyone... I am having some guilt over purchasing a fair amount of oil paint.  I wanted to give it a try after seeing some art I liked done in oils....  I have been working in mixed media and love it.... and thought that I needed to "advance" my skills.... but this has been a mistake and I probably invested several hundred dollars in oils... and I really don't enjoy them.... The slow dry is something I am not loving...  not sure if I should just put them aside, give them away... sell them or what....  or just wait for a time when they might speak to me again... but this is really cramping my style... I feel so guilty spending all this money on something that does not give me joy .... Has anyone else experienced this?  Any help will be appreciated...!!

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  • If they will last a while I'd suggest keeping them to try again later.  If not, try to sell them or give them away.  We all do this I think.  It's part of being an artist.  You have to try things!  LOL.  

  • Oh my.....all of us here I'm sure! I am the kind of artist who goes from one style of painting to another at the drop of a hat (knowing that THIS! Is it) and that will be the way I will want to paint forever. So I buy everything needed in great quantity.....this is with paint, stuff for assemblage, special product for making wings on fairies made of sticks, new pens, a collection of used store mannekins, pens, liners....and of course if you like it, don't you need one in every color?
    There is a place on this site to sell/trade/donate........
    Oh......Enjoy. I think it is a good idea to go through your stash now and again....I even forget stuff I have. Go through it and put unused things in a box and check the box now and again.
    I don't like the long-drying of oils either......and I suppose they won't last more than a couple of get rid of them....lesson learned?????
    • Thank you Elaine.... just glad to know I am not alone in this dilemma.... your comment is so helpful...

  • Lol...buyer's remorse...You'll be OK. 

    I was JUST telling my partner that I remember the days when I was spending $300-$400 a week on art supplies. It is so easy to do. The numbers really add up when purchasing a rainbow of $13 tubes and boxes of stretched canvas, et. Or how about encaustic supplies!? I was buying chunks of pigmented wax for $40 a color. 

    My point is, I have spent thousands on supplies. I have also gotten down to a minimalist mentality at times as well. It's just part of the journey. 

    I was explaining to Doug who you were the other day and remembering how generous you were passing on so much art supplies to me when you moved. xoxo

    I also get the slow drying issue of oils. That's why I chose the fast-drying kind when I gave it all a try. 

    As far as what to do...that's for you to decide. You could try to resell them. If you create some kind of post, I will help spread the word. 

    • Thanks Jane.....  I think it's part of the "artist curse"..... those tempting art supplies....  I have to keep saying... "I have enough, I have enough.."

      • I know! I get so excited when I get a box from dick blick! Lol
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