Lately, when I'm in a mood to take a break from making something new, I enjoy painting over an old portrait I never was that pleased with anyway. You can use new skills. Plus- there's a nice build up of paint and texture from the old piece, adding interesting thickness to the new creation. 

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  • Yes, that is interesting about all the layers that add to the intrigue. Denise Collins Gillgannon is always saying that and doing it.

    I hope to rework one soon!

    Thank you for sharing your impressive work!

  • Agree....some of my favourites have six or seven paintings underneath.  Layers and layers and layers....sanding, rubbing, layering...on and on

  • How neat to see the transformation! I am all about layers and thats one reason I love acrylics so can just keep going until it feels/looks right. 

    Sorry for taking awhile to get this posted. I didn't realize I had to moderate posts. It was sitting there waiting for my OK. :)

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