This is a 90 Day Notice of Closure <3
You are allowed to save the video playlists and any class content you'd like.
This site has sat basically vacant for over a year and a half. Meanwhile, I pay a large monthly subscription fee to keep it online. So, it's time for me to wrap up this chapter of art and teaching.
When I recorded these lessons, I gave you all I had. Since then, my skills have developed and now I see some of the material as outdated. So, when this site closes, these classes will no longer be offered anywhere again. I may come back with similar, more up to date lessons though. This is all part of my evolution.
I have not been in a position to offer any new classes for a couple years now and I don't foresee myself recording more until my studio space changes, which might be over a year from now.
Don't get me wrong...there are hours and hours of valuable demonstration. Again, you will be able to save all the videos for your personal use. You can also take notes or copy and paste all the supplies lists and such. If you pay for a class, it is yours to keep and review.
It's been fun sharing these demonstrations and seeing all the fabulous artwork created! This is not the end. I will definitely notify you when I have new workshops to offer in the future.
Feel free to contact me anytime at grittyjane@gmail.com
*All class material is copyrighted. Please respect that and only keep it for your personal use. Do not share or reproduce any content. Thank you.

Wondering how to save the playlists?

The videos are not downloadable to your computer, but you will continue to have access to them on YouTube.

They are Unlisted (not available to the public) and for members only. 

To find the link, go to your class and click Share on the video player. 

It will open to YouTube. You should see the full playlist for that particular demonstration. 

You can save the link to your YouTube or copy and paste the link to a document on your computer. 

If this is too techy for you, it's ok. Message me and I will just send you your links via email. :) 




 Farewell until next time! <3 

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