This demonstration came together over the course of about a week. The concept is simple and the process is fun! First, I show you how to create a fabulous textured surface and a dreamy background. Next, I share a little about color, composition, and how I gather reference photos to develop a game plan. Then, watch as the painting unfolds and comes to life! 

As with all my demos, this lesson consists of:

  • approximately 3 hrs and 45 mins of video demonstration
  • a supplies list with shopping links
  • work in progress photos
  • the opportunity to participate in a group discussion forum
  • access to a group photo library to share your work, receive feedback, and see artwork others have made 

I'd like to note that I feel this demonstration is exceptional regarding the lighting, the flow of the project, and my overall confidence while explaining the process. It came together fairly easy and will likely inspire you to make beautiful art. 


for unlimited access to all class material

This is a go at your own pace class. You may enjoy sitting back and watching the lesson or perhaps you'd like to get your art supplies together and work right along with me. Either way will do!

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