When I first started out painting and selling my work on ebay, I became quite popular for my folk art angel paintings. These angelic mixed media portraits were born out of the same thing that many other great ideas come from: being resourceful! 

I was always looking for uniques substrates and items to paint on. Sometimes I would even drag my children around all day on these treasure hunts. We would frequent junk yards, alleys, and thrift stores. I wasn't afraid to stop by old farmhouses and ask if I could dig through heaps of weathered barn siding. One of my favorite things to paint on became cupboard doors. Often you can get your hands on a whole set! They may require cleaning, sanding, and priming...but it's worth it. 

I love to incorporate collage-work into the piece by tearing up scraps of random papers and adhering them with gel medium. (I go over all the supplies and how to help you make-do with what you have on hand in the demonstration). The combining of paint and papers has been an on-going fascination for me in my art and I keep coming up with new ways to go about. With this video series you will learn, first hand, exactly how I go about making my folk art angel paintings and I can just about guarantee you will be inspired to make at least one of your own!

This technique of blending portraiture with collage-work can easily be be transferred into many styles. If you are not fond of iconic artwork, you can drop the halos and wings and do what you will with the process I share. In fact, it would be great to see any and all creations that come from applying this creative process to whatever style you are into.

Perhaps your painting abilities are already more refined and your portraits will look more realistic...Perhaps, you are an absolute beginner and will have more of a naive appearance. Either way, this demonstration will serve as another stepping stone on your artistic journey. 

What You Receive:

  • 21 VIDEOS  (approximately 30 mins each) in real time of me showing you step-by-step how I go about making TWO mixed media iconic folk art paintings on upcycled cupboard doors 
  • Supplies list with links
  • Work in progress photos to analyze
  • Support from myself and other members. I am always available to answer questions and if you reach out in the group forum, other group members can share their experience and advice as well.

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You could also do this project on plain plywood as long as it is fairly smooth. Other items include: dresser drawers, serving trays, large wooden platters, table tops, wooden chests, shelving, and the like. I have put these angels on many found objects and you can too!

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