What kind of things do you like to make?

Faces, dolls, little figures.

What are some of your favorite art supplies?

Watercolors, paperclay, old book pages

If you were an animal, what would it be?


Tell us three fun facts about yourself.

I'm very clumsy Hate to cook I can write upside down and backwards.

Please finish this statement: I consider myself an


What brought you to this site?

Searching for clay doll tutorials

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  • Hiya, Jane! Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm glad you are making a video, there are so few that I can find on the internet in a folk art/primitive style. I look forward to your lesson. ❤️
  • Hi Sarah! Welcome. Glad you are here. I see you are looking for a doll tutorial. I will be working on one soon. In the middle of a move but when I get settled I can record a lesson. 

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