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ISO encaustic paints

I am looking for some encaustic paint. I am intrigued and do not want to spend a bundle. If I decline an offer it won't  be because I think it's unfair necessarily, more likely it's I can't afford it at the moment. (but just in case) I do have…

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The format of this page is the same as the Forum. To create a post, click on the plus sign (+ ) in the upper right corner and create your post. 


If you would like your image to show when folks are scrolling through the posts, insert your image first when creating your post (rather than text first).

Also, if your item is posted for sale somewhere else (etsy, ebay, your blog, etc) paste the link into the web address box when you upload the photo.


Please include:

  • photos
  • title
  • description (size, substrate, etc)
  • shipping info (what carrier you use, expected processing time, etc)
  • contact email
  • payment preference
  • link to website (etsy, ebay, blog) if applicable

Mark all items as SOLD when they are or delete the post. 

Members may have up to 10 active For Sale posts at any given time.


This is pretty self explanatory. Perhaps you've been searching for a Lot of Doll Heads for assemblages or you would love to get ahold of Old Black And White Photos. Simply create a post asking for what you are looking for. The more specific, the better. 


If you have a piece of art or some supplies that you would like to trade with someone else, please share about it! Perhaps you have tons of watercolor supplies that you never use and would love to trade someone else for acrylics...Create a post! Who knows? Maybe the right person will read it.


Feeling generous? Down-sizing? Want good Karma? Offer something for free. Just be sure to specify if you are asking for shipping costs or not. 

To be clear: This site  (, Jane Spakowsky, Gritty Jane) holds no responsibility for financial transactions between members. 

If you do end up burned, please let me know so I can consider the situation and possibly remove the dishonest member.