Criticism concerning my artwork can be dished up cold or hot, depending on who is serving it up. I can manage a cold critic, however, when the critic is a person who I love and supposedly loves me ( in this case my mom ) says, " I don't like your art. " I feel a strong sense of worthlessness and rejection of who I am as a person. My art is completely merged with my identity. If I have a successful day in my studio I feel euphoric and good about myself, conversely- if I have a day when the painting is turning into a colossal failure I feel depressed and down on myself. How do other artists around here feel about this stuff ? I've added a photo of me and Billy to lighten things up !


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  • I think this resonates with all artists because so much of ourselves goes into our work.  We are in some cases exposing our most intimate selves through our work so if you are rejected it hurts.  I know I need to make art to feel whole, and it's part of who I am, I think about the many artists who worked entire lives without any positive feedback from peers or the public and kept going.  I also started doing juried shows very early in my art career and developed a very thick skin and always told myself - it's one person's opinion.  You need to keep your focus on what you are creating and the direction you want to go in and what you are creating and where and how you want your work to evolve.  People can either come along for the ride or not - in the end it's for you.  I would suggest finding a supportive group of fellow artists to share and create with - it's a really great way to share and get positive and critical feedback. I belong to a co-op and work and teach at a couple of large art center. It brings me in contact with lots of other artists on a regular basis and I think it adds greatly to my own perspective to have other creatives in my life.  I know in years past when I spent a lot of time alone in my studio it was isolating.  Most of us make because we have a drive inside of us to do so, and we can't really explain that urge to people who don't have it....keep making work that makes you happy.

  • I know what you mean.  I think if a specific person did not like my art, I would stop asking for their opinion.  Like my sister has never liked any of the art dolls I've made in the past.  She even called one an ugly time.  So I stopped talking to her about my art.  But in her defense she did say she was very proud of me when I sold a painting.  So, even if a person dislikes your art they can still support you in other ways.  You are going to find that not everybody likes your style of work.  It hurts but don't take it to heart.  As long as it makes you happy that is all that matters.  My art is totally 100% personal to me.  It's my passion.  I put my heart into it.   One of the main reasons I make art is for me.  Just me.

  • I can relate because my mother never understood why I made art, period! She could not relate at all. Not the subject or the interest in art. I am a rebel so this made me even stronger. However, that was a long time ago and today I would be more apt to ask her questions, like why? And, maybe give her insight to why I like art, the reasons it is important to me. My husband doesn't like to comment on my art generally because often times he doesn't understand where I'm going with it, especially abstract art. It puts him on the spot. There has to be more to it...can you open a dialogue with Her? If it were any other person would you feel the Same?
    Have you ever taken her to an art show? Maybe you would have more opportunities for her observations and gain insight.
    In the end, try not to take this seriously. It isn't on you, it's on her. Actually, I think if you can make yourself do something in these down days, anything!! It helps. I read once, it's important to just "show up". Say, "im still here. This is my world. This is my sacred space. To honor your art.
  • My heavens....does that resonate with me!!!! If my art is going well...if I love what I am producing, I am so so happy and content. Conversely, if things are not going mood is down....period!
    Thought it was just me. Also on a day like today, when I am not feeling great due to some personal circumstances, I have no desire to go to my studio....just not in the mood. When my mood is down, I generally produce crap, and I think I don't want to take the chance of going to the studio and doing just that....and in the process making my mood worse. desire to paint, no motivation....nothing firing through my mind. Yuck
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