Photographing art work

Hello everybody,

I was hoping you would share with me the type of camera you use to take pics of your art.  I want to get a camera but I can't afford a really expensive one.  I'd like it to take decent videos too.  Any suggestions? 


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  • I use my i-phone for just about everything including making prints. My prints and cards are nice they sell very well in my galleries and people love them.  No one believe's me when I tell them I take them with the phone.  They have really decent cameras on them.  Don't use a flash when you take a picture of any kind of art - it casts shadows.  You can take pictures outside anytime - especially on brighter overcast days - those are the best - again no shadows.  If you are working indoors you can set up a light box or have the light coming from many different sources so there are no cast shadows - those are the devil.  If you are using a phone - send everything in the largest file size to get the highest resolution.  I used both a regular camera and the phone but honestly never remember the camera when I need it and always have the ipad or phone so it's what I use 99% of the time.  When I am entering really important juried shows or submitting work to a publication I will occasionally spring for a professional.   Good luck.

  • Hi Connie, what type of budget do you have for  a camera?

  • I  recently purchased a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III, and payed quite a bit for it. I wanted a good camera, which I can also use outdoor. I searched around and heard so many good reviews for this camera.  I've been using my cel phone; but the resolution is just not quite the same as a camera.  I was told by a clerk in the camera department the best time of the day to take great photo in @ 4:00 pm in the afternoon outdoors. If the photo is taken indoor daylight bulbs are ideal. The artwork should be in between lights on both sides of it. You can purchase Studio lighting kits as well .; Hope this will help you on your journey ;-)

    • Thanks Mariette!  I'll check this camera out.

  • I used a Canon Rebel for a long time but recently my ipad has been doing a great job. It depends on what you are wanting to do with the photo. If you are going to be making prints, obviously it's gotta be a nice clear high resolution image :) 

    • Yes I'd love to be able to make prints.  Thanks  

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