Having Issues Loading Photos or Watching Videos?

I've had a few people let me know if some technical problems going on. If you are having issues uploading photos, watching videos, or anything else PLEASE let me know below. 

I've ran a few other ning sites and I remember that some days just sucked and everything was glitchy BUT most of the time it was ok. I really need to hear about it if you are having issues though so I can talk to them. I pay for this site and and lots of people paid for, we all want to get our money's worth, right?

A few tips if you have issues:

  • I recommend using Chrome as your internet browser. 
  • You can always try the good ol' turn it off and back on again.
  • If you are having trouble uploading photos, make sure they aren't gigantic files.

Please comment below with problems and/or solutions. Then, if I need to I can share the discussion with a ning rep.



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  • I tried  in Internet Explorer and Mozilla. No can do.

  • Hi Jane.

    Looking your videos works well for me.

    Uploading a photo, i don´t know, how to do that right. the uploaded picture is so giant - maybe you can help me. 

    Dear greetings - Tina :D

    • Hi Tina, Do you know how to resize the photo using your computer? If not, I like this site for editing photos:  :) 

      To upload a photo on the ning site, click on the Photos tab and then look for the little plus sign + in the upper right hand corner.

  • Thank you to everyone who comments. It helps identify problems and solutions. 

  • I tried Safari - same issues.  Perhaps I will have to change to something else.  I also use Firefox.  I had problems with chrome.  I'll give some other server a shot.  Thanks. 

  • Hi, I have tried about 6x to upload an image.  I've reduced the Pixals and made the image very small and am still unable to upload.  The little gear just grinds and grinds. :)

    • I stopped using Firefox and switched to Internet Explorer and was able to upload IMMEDIATELY! 

      Good luck, fellow Uploaders! :)

    • That's the same thing that's happening to me.

  • I am also having trouble loading photos.  No problems playing videos


  • yes, all tabs have loading problems for me and photos esp. videos play well

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