This is an essential topic. One that I am very alert to. I am not an expert in it; however, I have researched it over the years and do honor it.Basically, you cannot COPY for monetary profit without the permission of the original creator. Now often times finding the creator is impossible or duffucult or the situationn is vague. Pinterest is a valuable and extensive source for images. Unfortunately, many think that because they see and can save an image it is ok to copy it. Copy is the key word. It is important for you to read about copyright infringement. You can use the images as reference, inspiration and tease arch, but NOT literally copy them. Even if you give credit to the creator you are in violation.For instance, my current project: I selected a vintage magazine cover, an illustration, I'm certain an artist rendered this. Now, according to my research, a publication is in the public domain (free to copy). And yet, the actual art in the publication can have copyrights for the author, photographer and artists. Given this particular publication is very old, finding those people is unlikely. Now, the magazine is still published today. I could write to ask permission. Instead, I will utilize this image as inspiration as a jumping off point. This will benefit me much more, stretch my thinking and creativity. And make it my own, an original.I have written about this on my blog, you can rsee as more here: www.deborahbabin.comI cannot stres how important this is mainly because IF you stay locked into a copying mentality you will cheat yourself and actually be a thief;harsh words but true.This is a meaty topic...What artists of all genres must know is when you post an image online you have presented your work to zillions of people , forever! and the likelihood of being copyied is a given. How will you know you have been robbed? Some do find out. I know 2 professionals that did and sued for big $ and won. One was with a Chinese manufacturer and one was an American company: karastan (carpets).We do it all the this day and age of the internet, what is an original idea?

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  • I too, use images as a "jumping off point". That is the only way to really use them legally and respectfully. 

    Another way to get reference photos is to have a photo shoot with friends or pay someone to model. I just paid two lovely girls to pose for me and took 395 photos!! Now I will fine the few gems and work off those :)

    • Excellent! I need to do that too.
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