Hello peeps!

I was wondering how you all get those copyright symbols / names on your photos?  I got an app once for that and it didn't work.  If somebody could tell me an easy way to do that I would really appreciate it.

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  • Thank you Ms Kristen Page!  I was able to add my name to a photo using ipiccy in about 30 seconds!  Yee ha!

    • Did you reduce the file size too? That is important.
  • Try the alt key and 0169.

    This should work in the photo editor Jane recommended in her workshop; ipiccy.

    So you'll upload your image from your photo file to be edited and look for something that will allow you to add text to your image. Normally a box will open on top of your image where you can type text and this is where you will add your copy write image and business name or website. You also should be able to drag the text box.
  • Hi Connie. You don't need an app. Depending on the device you are using the alternate keyboard strokes varie. What are you using to edit you photos before posting; PC or Apple?
    • PC

    • I'd be interested in hearing more about this option too.
  • That interests me, too, Connie. And thanks to Deborah for the tip with the watermark feature. I'll try that out next time.

  • I utilize the watermark feature in my photo program (paintshop pro). You can write anything you want to state the copyright. My copyright (watermark) is my website:
    When I put an image online, especially Facebook, first I reduce the file to prevent copying. When the file size is small and a person copies will be blurry. Second I add the watermark. Now, the image can still be clearly visible and "copied" by a person by re drawing, painting, etc. this is still infringing upon my copyright. But, it does happen all the time. When I work with textiles I am not as concerned as the compositions and end results are complex and I challenge anyone to copy them.
    • Hi Deborah.  I don't have paint shop or photo shop, etc. but I have another software that may have the watermark feature.  I like the idea that you use your website address as your unique copyright.  And the idea of reducing the image size is helpful too.  Thank you for all your great suggestions.

      • I searched for a copyright symbol (image) to use. Downloaded it, and then I can use it to place it anywhere on my website, document or other.
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