Found an old canvas I started about 3 years ago, had one figure...added another and some cats and voila! A quickie but it felt good to finish it! That's my major accomplishment since working with Jane, I actually finish what I start, no more abandoning my art!
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  • Such a lovely painting. I love the peaceful scenery. And the dreamy lady's look like they stepped out a Jane Austen book ;-)
  • There is so much to see in this fantastic work. I could sit here for hours and gaze at it. I love the magical whimsy and expression of the maidens, especially the one in the back with the peach gown. And I too like Connie's interpretation. Such inspiring work from you Denise. Always!
  • I love the whole scene.  It's like they are letting the birds know they are safe and they can all live together.  Sweet.

  • Love it! The mood is awesome. Makes me wonder what is going on in their lives.
    • I wonder too! As I tell my students,try to leave your viewers wondering, let them find their own story in your work!
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