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In response to Jane's of the things I got from it was how do we take her teachings and put something of ourselves into it?  One little thing I did to make the Beyond Skin Deep class portrait more mine was to use little paper punches.  I have one shaped like a flower and I used it in the paper on and next to her chin.  This isn't a great picture so believe me, in person it looks great.  It added even more texture. 

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  • That's awesome! A trust me...I know how it can be difficult to take photos that highlight all the neat layers. Some things can only be seen in person.

  • Thank you for sharing!  Beautiful work!

  • Thanks for sharing that tidbit of info regarding your work Connie. Actually, I have noticed that star shaped detail in your work and have wondered what it wa. I thought it was pen and ink. Cool!
    • Thank you!

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