India ink

I have used India ink for years in my paintings.....generally at the end when I hold an eye dropper of ink and splotch it onto the painting as a finishing touch.  It was my favorite part of doing the painting.....but then!!!!!!! suddenly several months ago the ink smudged when I was applying a finish.  I tried drying it longer (3 weeks) and also tried applying a fixitive prior to the finishing coat....all to no avail.  I wrote the company who did a series of experiments I was told, with their own ink and three others.  End result was that they all can smudge.  And so.  I no longer use the India ink splatter technique.  What kind of ink to people have success with?

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  • late to comment .....but I really like the acrylic inks too.  I have several colors.

  • Sumi Ink (Yasutomo) was recommended to me recently and it's intense, and waterproof once dry. It's the best ever - in the past I've tried acrylic inks and China ink with so-so results.

    Also for vibrant colours, I bought Dr. Ph. Martin's bombay inks which are great but for the black I'd always go for the Sumi.

  • Within the last few months I've been meeting with another artist at my place for an art session. I've always enjoyed painting by myself ; but I must say sharing my space with another artist has been rewarding on many levels. Our artistic voice is so different then one another, yet we generate ideas which helps us grow creatively. I really enjoy our meetings. We play some great music, take breaks chat,eat, and share our weekly adventure. It's very therapeutic.  

    The last time she visited,she brought a package of beautiful collage Japanese paper, gorgeous napkins, a yummy fresh loaf of raisin bread, cheeses, teas, and an early xmas present.

    Oh my I'm getting spoil!

    She loves napkins and papers. Napkins normally have three layers, and it peels easily. The layer we use is the one with a photo. It feels like tissue paper . I just finish using some of it to create a journal  for her as a Christmas present.. Shhh...she doesn't know yet ;-)

    If you have the opportunity to work with an art buddy it nurtures your artistic growth, and is wondrous xo

  • Not certain I will buy it.....I used it a lot when I did abstracts and flowers....will let you know if I do get some
  • I wonder if it is what I need, being watered down. I liked the intenseness of India ink....definitely went on extremely opaquely. Don't want anything at all transparent
  • Awesome.....shall definitely be getting some Liquitex acrylic ink....thanks Penny and JAne
    • It's different though (obviously)'s like watered down highly pigmented paint basically. I'm not super crazy about it. 

      • Just let us know what you think :)

  • I have not had that problem. I've used several kinds of ink (I'd name them but am not by any right now).. but the trick for me is to alway use a spray fixative when layering different mediums.Sorry to hear of your dilema. I love india ink. 

  • Thanks Penny.... The have not tried acrylic ink....but shall do just that. Thanks so much for the hint. How do you use it? you paint, draw, splatter?
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