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  • Are you painting on paper, canvas or a board….so talented.

    • I am painting on a cradled panel (wood). :)

  • I really liked the effect of using the brayer to texturize the background.

    I have wanted to ask you what your process was when you created "high tide". Did you use the brayer first to build up different color acrylic paint layers before painting your figures?

    I specifically liked the sharp exposed layers at the top of the painting. It almost looked like you used a razor blade to expose the paint underneath.

    I especially like both of these paintings.

    One more question. Was the ink that you used that was brown, the Liquitex raw umber that you used in painting on black?

    Or walnut ink?

    Thank you for the demos.

    Also Jane can you post a list of books that have helped you with freely creating. I'm going to need help getting out of this grieving process and back into my art.

    I know you have read a lot the past couple of years. Thanks Jane. I appreciate you so much!

    Kris Page
  • Hi Jane. Great video. Elaine has already asked many of my own queries. I am curious to know if this is an art board you worked on and how you prepared your background? Does this make a difference with how long the ink remains wet enough to scrap back? Thanks!

  • Yes....make a class of it Jane....I would be the first one there.  New motivation has struck....down I go to my studio......Didn't know there was sepia coloured ink.....I will try using some of my cartridge pen ink which is sepia.

  • When you scrape with pottery tool, doesn't the paint need to be still wet? oh man this painting has really grabbed me and I was awake half the night composing a painting in my mind using this method and wondering about this and that.

    • How wonderful to dream like that. I have completed masterpieces in my sleep. About scraping (I believe it's called scrafito)...Yes, there is definitely something to the timing of when to carve away as to expose the underlayer. You can also kind of reactive the layers below by getting them wet again sometimes. It just depends on what you are working with and if you have used fixative along the way. 

  • Is this painting done using the India ink method you use in your India ink workshop?  

    • Not totally. But painting with ink is painting with in lol. This ink is brown...the ink I used in the class demos was black. The preparation of the substrate is different also. Maybe I should do a demonstration where I describe what I'm doing and make a class of it. 

  • And what are you rolling on there? all happens so fast!
    Something about this painting that grabs me
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