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  • Check out my latest blog post. I shared the process of me painting my non dominant hand portrait painting in oils :) http://grittyjane.ning.com/blogs/video-demonstration-of-non-dominan...

  • Wrrking on my non dominant hand project. It's coming out great. Stay tuned fro some long boring informative process videos...<3

    • this was so fabulous, thank you

      • Glad you enjoyed it Stephanie! And thanks for the cashola <3 Much appreciated. I'm working on a new video lesson right now!

  • I just went through some of my really old work while cleaning out my In one  Mom's house to help her sell it.  In one particular sketchbook there were lots of drawings that said "drawn with left hand" at the bottom.  I remember this from so long ago and having one particular teacher who had us doing this very early on.  It's certainly not new and I may have seen it first in the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book.  I do love the slight loss of control and the childlike quality of the line in non-dominant hand drawing..it can be really beautiful.

  • I don't think I have a left side of my brain LOL! I'm so darn right brained! I'm going to try this; I actually am ambidextrous. Although, I always batted as a righty.

    Hey, you know women, unlike men can access both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. That's actually what "women's intuition is". Because we can do this we can often assess a situation so quickly that we have a hunch or understanding of something before we stop and give pause to analyze something. Men just cannot, as they can either access the left side of their brain or the right, but not both.

    I also like to say men are brain damaged! At the early development of the human brain while in the womb, both female and male brains are the same and then a peculiar thing happens to the male brain only. A chemical is released and it changes the male brain. This is what prevents males from accessing both hemispheres at the same time. So you see females are perfect and males are brain damaged! LOL. No I am not a man hater!
    • That's wild. I've not heard all that before. I'm going to look it up :)

    • ha

  • Lol I was just realizing how I didn't think ahead when organizing the art prompr tag procedure. Right now, I ask that you tag your project with the corresponding MONTH...but what happens when we are done with all the months of the year?? We will have to do the MONTH+YEAR or something...I'll figure it out when the time comes. Or maybe I will reorganize things and we will use prompt related words. 

    I'm just thinking out load here. Please just stick with the process as it is for now. :)

  • This will be challenging. Never ever think about the inability of the non-dominant hand until now. I think I will have my husband tie the dominant behind my back so I don't use it. Cause I will cheat.... with unintended certainty.

This reply was deleted.

This art prompt is right in line with some weird things I have already been doing. Ever since I began learning about neural pathways, I’ve been intentionally stepping outside my comfort zone and living more by intent rather than habit.

I have been doing all sorts of little things like:

  • flipping my hair to the opposite side
  • crossing my legs the opposite way that I am used to or simply not at all
  • folding my hands together differently
  • I even have put my mouse on the left side of my keyboard when I am not in a hurry and have time to fumble around lol

Why give drawing with your non dominant hand a try?

In switching the pen (or pencil) from the right hand to left, you access a different part of your brain, the left side of the brain governs the analytical while the right side governs the artistic.

Not totally sure what that means for the lefties out there? That's actually a great topic for the Forum if anyone feels like striking up a conversation!

You can read more about that HERE at one of my favorite health and wellness blogs.
I also found THIS SITE helpful (for all sorts of tips to get you drawing) as well!

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