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There are TONS of videos on YouTube if you are looking for inspiration or instruction regarding abstract art. The following video has been on my favorites list for years. If you find any that are especially cool, please post a link on the Videos page here so we can all have a look :)

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  • I have always loved the work of Miro, Picasso and Braque and other abstract artists and only over the last 10 years or so really started to incorporate abstract elements into my backgrounds.  It was so interesting to me when I started to actually study it and took a class in abstraction that there are actual forms that abstract artists use and combine to make paintings or use loosely while coming up with their compositions.  They are The Cruciform or cross, the closed circle, the diagonal, organic, the Grid, horizontal, asymmetric and l-shaped.  If you look at abstract paintings you can usually pin one or a combination of these composition forms to the paintings.  Lots of people just like to think that no thought at all goes into abstract work while there is still a great deal of intuitive and awareness of space that goes into the work.  It is really amazing to me that this is coming up as just last week I decided to go out of my comfort zone and do some completely abstract works.  I got a commission for a piece by someone who loves my work but didn't want a figure or any identifiable image but rather one just completely abstract like I do my backgrounds with papers and ephemera.  I am diving in head first using and breaking rules and just giving it a go.  Here is a great intro video about abstract art I want to share by a UK artist.


    • Good stuff. Just added it to the playlists on the Video page here :)

    • Thank you for sharing these videos Marcy!  Very informative and interesting!

  • Still working at the Cupboard Angels lesson. I am going aback and forth between two projects. Heading down to the co-op though for some fresh air and a smoothie or something hydrating. Maybe I will make a quick video while I am out with my phone. <3

    • I so love this

  • I've gotta share this because it's a crazy good deal. Tascha is offering a class for $10 ONE DAY ONLY ~ Click on the image below and see if you can catch it! 

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  • Ooo! I've got a good idea for April's Art Prompt! It's 4:14 am here in Seattle WA and obviously my sleeping schedule is all out of whack. I'll get some rest and then make a video. I'll announce the winner of last month's art prompt later today. If you participated, be sure to have tagged your photo: march ..I went in and tagged a few I saw needed it. 

  • Jane, I was so pleased that you are offering this course and I signed up last night. I appreciate your generosity of spirit - how you openly share your process. Good karma! 

    • Glad you signed up Laura!! <3

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Non Dominant Hand Painting Videos

This art prompt is right in line with some weird things I have already been doing. Ever since I began learning about neural pathways, I’ve been intentionally stepping outside my comfort zone and living more by intent rather than habit.

I have been doing all sorts of little things like:

  • flipping my hair to the opposite side
  • crossing my legs the opposite way that I am used to or simply not at all
  • folding my hands together differently
  • I even have put my mouse on the left side of my keyboard when I am not in a hurry and have time to fumble around lol

Why give drawing with your non dominant hand a try?

In switching the pen (or pencil) from the right hand to left, you access a different part of your brain, the left side of the brain governs the analytical while the right side governs the artistic.

Not totally sure what that means for the lefties out there? That's actually a great topic for the Forum if anyone feels like striking up a conversation!

You can read more about that HERE at one of my favorite health and wellness blogs.
I also found THIS SITE helpful (for all sorts of tips to get you drawing) as well!

So glad you made it! This website is a community for artists to take classes, participate in challenges, share work, receive feedback, fellowship, and inspire one another. Expect to enjoy random vlogs, freebie tutorials, work-in-progress photos, music, articles, interviews, and whatever else I come across that might help inspire you along your journey! Thanks for signing up.


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